Rules and Guidelines 

Entries in Class 1 and 2, may not ride in any other class.

Entries in W/T classes 3 thru 5, may not compete in any classes requiring a gait faster than a trot.

You are welcome to ride any class as non-comp for $14.

No juniors shall be allowed to show stallions.

Absolutely no dogs!

Award to 1st, Ribbons—1st thru 6th

Pick your prize! First place winners will receive a ticket which can then be exchanged at our prize booth for horse related items! Win multiple tickets and save them for a larger prize! And now you can accumulate your tickets from multiple shows!

Riders may wear casual attire, but boots and helmets are  required.

Management reserves the right to cancel or combine classes.

A concession stand will be operating.

Ponies encouraged to attend and participate in all classes.

There is a separate walk-trot warm-up area until canter classes start.

Feel free to bring shade canopies and chairs as shade is limited.

$15.00 per class. $10.00 drug fee/SAHJA/admin fee per horse.

$25.00 charge for any returned check.

Short stirrup: open to riders 11 & under,  who have never shown over fences 3’ or higher. Long Stirrup: open to riders 12 and over, who have never shown over fences 3’ or higher.

Maiden = never to have won 1 blue ribbon. Novice = never to have won 3 blue ribbons. AA = Amateur adult, 18 and over, non-pro.


Now offering a Daily Open High Point Ribbon and Award ALSO a  Series High Point Ribbon and Award for 10 & under, 11-17 and 18 & over! Points will accrue for a horse/rider team in any class!


*The October show has a revised class list with ALL THE GAMES CLASSES!, please check our web site!