(Off The Track Thoroughbreds)


RCS is proud of their efforts to acquire race horses from the race track who have been retired from racing (sometimes as early as 2 years of age), rescued or purchased, and training for them for loving homes and/or show careers. I started with my first one when I was only 16 yrs old. I have always had some kind of connection with this exceptional breed. We have been doing this for over 35 years! In 2014 we decided that we should keep some kind of log of all our success stories. While we do not have lots of records from the past, this page will give us an area to track them in the future. If you have one of our wonderful horses, please send us an update! In the meantime, we will dig through our archives and see what we can dig up....

In the past (the days of my youth)......

Jackson Jill, Diplomat, Chieftain, Sara

More recently (in the last 20 years):

Cruiser, Turner, Goose, Lionel, Angel, Simon, Chase, Billou, Due Justice, Loretta, Mannie, Fred, Jazz, Pie, Savannah, Jasmine, Sasha, Shek, Sharai, Marcus, Sherman, Whitney, Chance, Allie, Blazer, Denali, Pie, Luke, Mikey, Taz


To the rest of my children that escape my memory at the moment, I will keep thinking.....


Magic Bert  
Angel of Harlem Herbie, after being started as a youngster at approx. 2 -3 yrs old, he was then out to pasture. We re-started him under saddle at the age of 16!  Lady, thoroughbred mare


Romantic Endeavor (Romantic Rogue) Dreamer Aramis
Jax Mitra